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Vins exclusivement vinifiés en fûts de chêne de 600 litres, issus de vendeanges exclusives.

Sancerre blanc les Belles Dames - "Cuvée Marie Laurence"

SANCERRE BLANC Les Belles Dames "Cuvée Marie Laurence"

wine from selected overripe must only certain years – 1989 – 1990 – 1991 – 1995 – 1997 made into dry wine despite the high sugar content, minimum strength must be 13.5. Slow fermentation in oak barrels for one or two years. Wines naturally high in alcohol with extremely strong exotic flavours. Keep these wines for several years in bottles before marketing. Thanks to their strength they go well with any meal.

Sancerre Les Herses d'Or




Sancerre Blanc Xelis